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An index to this and other Grain Elevator typologies spells out the interrelationships concisely. Grain Elevator types are in a sibling websection.


These have a long evolutionary span, gradually increasing and updating storage space to converge with the functions of grain elevators.



"Ag Bag" hay and silage storage 'superbag'

Large synthetic tube-like bags used for weather-proof outdoor storage of crops.


Silos began in-ground and appear to be returning. Starting as storage pits, they grew into half-pit-half-tower, into full tower, but now the horizontal silo seems to be increasinfly popular.

[Box] Grain Bins

These are small dependant structures built into buildings such as Barns, Grain Warehouses and Grain Elevators.


These are barn-like or shed-sized buildings used to store shelled grains.

[Round] Grain Bin

The large, modern corrugated "Grain Bin," much different from the 19thC built-in relatively small Grain Bin, and closely related to the later Cylindrical Corn "Crib."

Corn "Cribs" / Corn Barns and Combination Corn Crib / Granaries

Storage for corn (maize) before being removed from the cob (being shelled).

Corn Bin Types

Sort of a cross between the use of a corn crib, and shape of a grain bin

[Refuse Burner]

These are essentially very wide, but relatively, short chimneys - lookng a bit like a giant masonry barrel. They are used to burn waste materials from grain milling, primarily corn cobs. The design appears to be intended to allow safe burning of the refuse withut risking the danger of fire. The width keeps a draft from sucking burning materials up and out, and the height keeps wind from blowing it out. These are located a reasonable disance from any milling operations.

(The example is in the lower left corner of the above image.)

Coal Tipple

These are sometimes similar in appearance to Grain Elevators, but are used to raise, store, and deliver coal. Unlike Grain Elevators, they do no other processing or sorting (I think...). They are typically sawn timber frame (especially earlier specimens), poured concrete, or steel frame. They may hold other than coal... Many types and much variation...

The Grain Elevator typology begins in:
  • Grain Elevator Types 1 - Pre-Elevator and Early Types: Grain Warehouses
  • Grain Elevator Types 2a - Mature Types: Square-Bin Self-Contained Grain Elevators
  • Grain Elevator Types 2b - Mature Types: Round-Bin Self-Contained Grain Elevators
  • Grain Elevator Types 3 - Later Types: Conveyor & Annex Type Grain Elevators
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