IHS Built Environment Typology : Objects and Elements of Buildings & Structures :

Architectural Subterranea

including Sidewalk Basements

"Architectural Subterranea" is a term this researcher has coined for the phenomenon of the underground built environment, especially in urban areas. Architectural subterranea is almost always styleless, utilitarian, and forgotten. Exploring it is a cross between spelunking and architectural history field work.

The only published material this researcher has found so far on the subject is the book by David Macaulay, Underground, and he deals with only modern subterranean spaces and utilities. There seems to be little else written on the subject.

My concept includes - but is not limited to - the following subterranea (see Diagram 1).

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    (Adapted 7/24/02 from "I_Sidewalk Basements" entitled "Sidewalk Basements and Other Architectural Subterranea"
    v 1.3 - Previously edited 7/7/1998, 10/5/1998)
    Presentation and paper originally given April 12, 1993 for GHP 680, The Historic City. Ted Ligibel, Instructor.
    Historic Preservation Program, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

    Chillicothe, Ohio, USA