Built Environment :


An Introduction (under construction)


Enclosed structures sheltering human activity

All buildings are structures, but not all structures are buildings. Buildings are structures which can comfortably shelter ongoing human activity. They are covered in their own Buildings webchapter.

Coal Tipples

Vertical, tower structures

These are sometimes similar in appearance to Grain Elevators, but are used to raise, store, and deliver coal. Unlike Grain Elevators, they do no other processing or sorting (I think...). They are typically sawn timber frame (especially earlier specimens), poured concrete, or steel frame. They may hold other than coal...

Culverts, Trestles, Bridges

Structures to cross over obstacles


Bins & Tanks

Hollow, tubular containers

These structures are hollow, squarish or cylindrical in cross-section, and are used to hold liquids or aggregate solids.