Transportation Structures:
Evolution / Chronology


An esoteric, detailed analysis of a mundane, commonplace thing: roads...

Evolution / Chronology of Route Structures

Vernacular Roads to Engineered Roads : a gradient from no design and massive design and construction involvement. Bridges are a good indicator of the level of infrastructure.

A theoretical route could evolve through the following progression of development. Dates are exemplary of Ohio, especially south-central Ohio. Each era lasted far beyond the next era; many are still running in remote areas.

Aboriginal Era - 10,000 ybp

Only Native Americans present, or the few European-Americans who shared their culture.

Pioneer Era - c1774

Infiltration of European-American culture.

Settlement Era - 1795

Establishment of European-American culture.

Pike Era - c1820

Advancement of European-American culture (Establishment Era).

Railroad Era - c1850

Hibernation (or lethargy) or roads due to popularity of railroads (e.g. Shank 42).
Though there is lesser through travel, there is continued local transportation. (Industrial Era)

Automobile Era - c1910

Thoroughly industrialized European-American culture increases its infrastructure

Freeway Era - c1947

Infrastructure freed from wartime restrictions and invigorated by war industry and technology. Specialized roads have been developed purely for the automobile, without consideration for foot traffic, horses, or horse-drawn vehicles: the freeway and the suburban street.

Interstate Freeway Era - c1970

Increasing urbanization (or rather, suburbanization) creates feedback loop with expanding infrastructure.

...also the evolution of the parking lot? (cf. gas station development)

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