IHS Built Environment Typology :

Transportation Geography

A Historical / Geographical / Morphological Discussion

Paths, Trails, Roads, Canals, Railroads...

An esoteric, detailed analysis of a mundane, commonplace thing: roads...

Odology: The science or the study of roads. From the Greek hodos, meaning road or journey (also a partial root for e.g. exodus and method). As coined in Discovering the Vernacular Landscape by John Brinkerhoff Jackson (Yale University Press, 1984), page 21.

Transportation Structures:
Evolution / Chronology


Transportation: Historical Overview

An Overview of Early Historic Transportation Systems in Ohio

Though being ubiquitous, significant and extremely influential parts of our cultural landscape, the waterways, trails, traces, roads, canals, railroads, interurbans, and highways that have comprised our transportation systems and structures are often glossed over or ignored in the recording and understanding of the historical built environment.


Transportation Structures:

Definitions, Concepts, Terms, And Observations

The following definitions, concepts, terms and observations have been drawn from several years of the author's field observations throughout Ohio as a member of a CRM field crew, and from personal observations of parts of the central northeast United States, especially the Old Northwest (Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky).

Few have been found in published sources.

Transportation Structures:
Route Treatments: Plan

Original Route Structure: The Data


Transportation Structures:
Route Treatments:
Vertical Profile

Transportation Structures:
Route Typologies

Definitions, Concepts, Terms And Observations

  1. Route Type Families

    1. Route Types

      1. Route Subtypes / Pathways~

        1. Route Elements
Route Typologies: Introduction and Guide to Lists
Route Typologies, Part 1: Outline List with links to the route types and subtypes as Part 2
Route Elements (Route Typologies Part 3)

Transportation Structures:

Route Elements (Typologies Part 3)

No, these aren't runes...


Transportation Structures: Stories

Selected Sources

  • John Brinkerhoff Jackson 1984 Discovering the Vernacular Landscape (Yale University Press)

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