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10/07/2007 - Post 14, Bainbridge

01/06/08 - Post 142, Waverly

03/02/08 = Post 23, Portsmouth

05/18/08 - Post 757, Chillicothe

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Boys State - Price Increase on Buckeye Boys State  The cost per boy at Buckeye Boys State was recently increased from $265.00 per boy to $300.00 per boy, a $35.00 increase.  The increase was necessary due to increased fees charged by Bowling Green State University for hosting the program and not by the American Legion.  This is the first increase in Boys State costs in five years.

Child Welfare


National Security

  • Committee met Saturday, July 15, 2006 in Columbus, OH at 10:00 am.

  • 12 of 14 Districts represented; Bob Barnhart representing District 7.

  • Resolutions that passed on State Convention floor, July 7 - 9, 2006:

    Resolution # 2 - DD 214s for Activated Guardsmen - American Legion strongly 
    urges DoD to expeditiously issue DD 214s to activated National Guardsmen and Reservists upon their demobilization.

    Resolution # 4 - Military Commissaries - American Legion urges DoD to continue
    full federal funding of military commissaries and to retain this vital non-pay compensation
    benefit.  American Legion opposes any form of variable pricing, privatization or downsizing
    or demobilization of the Defense Commissary Agency.

    Resolution # 8 - American legion urges Congress to enact legislation to remove United 
    Nations headquarters from American soil, eliminate funding and revoke diplomatic immunity for UN bureaucrats.

    Resolution # 3 - American Legion urges that National Guard and Reserves be realistically be manned, structured and equipped; trained, fully deployable and maintained in high readiness
    levels in order to accomplish missions and roles indispensable to national defense and that full range of active duty retention bonuses, recruiting incentives, pay promotions and health
    care quality be applicably activated to National Guard and Reserves.

  • Committee passed annual budget of $600

  • Discussion 

    • Committee's role, need for communications to individual posts

    • Dispatch no longer funded by Department

    • Defeat of Flag Amendment by U.S, Senate

    • Current events; Korea, Middle East, Immigration

    • Ohio TAP

    • Need for new resolutions - possibilities included alternative fuel sources; restrictions on domestic oil exploration, production.  Bob Kimball working on resolution concerning National Guard's role in protecting southern Ohio waterways.


Public Relations

  • Committee met Saturday, July 22, 2006 at Department Headquarters at 10:00 am.

  • Activity Reports:  

    • D-1  "Thumbs Up!" series in Toledo Blade to promote positive aspects of living in the United States and to demonstrate how grateful we are for our safety and liberties.

      Negative towards member who brought beer to A&G and Boys State dinners.

    • D-3  Working on positive press releases with area publications.  Display Case.  Proud to be an American Circle singles out community members who have special needs the Post tries to meet.

    • D-8  Starting publication of a newsletter again.  Small local (hang-bag) papers are more receptive to news items from Posts.

      Events should be shared to District Officers so as to be shared with other posts.

    • D-9  Encouraged Posts to pick up Public Relations handbook (available from National HQ and on web.)  Newsletters are best way to get information to members.  Some members lose interest when Post is seen only as a canteen.

      District Scrapbooks

    • D-10 District Directory recently completed and working on a web site.

    • D-11 Display case.  Members disenchanted with beer sales.  Canteen is not the Legion.

  • Discussion of State newsletter and website.

  • Informal meeting to be held at Mid-winter Conference.

Uniformed Groups

VA & R



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